How Allen Iverson wrecked the point guard position

An interesting look at how a variety of decisions (a new age restriction for the draft, focus on scoring from guards, the popularity of Allen Iverson, etc.), has created a new breed of more selfish point guard play at the college level.

A quest for the perfect pork martini

In world beyond revulsion, beyond reverse peristalsis, there lies the PORK MARTINI

Under no circumstances short of a million tax free dollars would I ever try this at home.

Here are some of my favourite quotes;

The ground pork, which had never been very pretty to begin with, reminded me of some tumors I had seen at the Army Medical Museum at Walter Reed."

The pork-infused vodkas were decanted from their glasses through a triple layer of cheesecloth into mixing glasses. This removed most pork solids, but no attempt was made to skim any oils present."

"The chilled Martini had a piggy bouquet beyond its plain pork-vodka aroma. Was that the endothermic effect of the chilled liquor alerting the nose, or the action of the herb-steeped vermouth? I sipped a little. No aftertaste or aftereffect beyond the expected tummy warmth. Little flavor at all, in fact. Dried meats would seem less than optimum."

(hat tip to AJ for the link)


Finally a Presidential Candidate who Republicans can embrace

Want a candidate in the Bush mold who is ;

For increasing executive power?

Well your candidate has arrived!


Picture of the Day

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"M87 is a massive elliptical galaxy smack in the heart of Virgo. It probably has something like a trillion stars, five times the number the Milky Way has. Over billions of years it’s built up its mass, eating the stars from other galaxies as they fly by (it also eats entire galaxies)."


"The image there is of M87. Take a close look; just about every single point of light you see there is a globular cluster! The beam coming from the center is a blast of particles and radiation being emitted from M87’s central supermassive black hole (which is a whole ‘nuther story unto itself)."

Phil Plait - Bad Astronomer


Video of the Year

Starring Natalie Portman!