Bruce Lee and Ping Pong

Totally off the hook awesome


Two Great Tastes...

...That Go Great Together

Ministry covers Rod Stewart. Seriously.


My Prediction

My Mom and Camilla

My Mom will be in another movie! As some of you know she moonlights from her day job as the world's greatest mom as an actress - typically modeling and 'background' work.

The latest is that she has been tapped to play Camilla Parker Bowles in a movie called 'Farwell Atlantis' (also called '2012').

Here's a picture I got of her in costume. It's not a speaking part, but the hope is she gets some screen time so we can scream out loud at her appearance.

Camilla may be married to a Prince, but she NEVER looked this good!


Happy Hallowe'en!

Two great tastes that go great together; Skinny Puppy and grade 'Z' zombie horror films (Night of the Creeps)