Picture of the Day

Hope for Hubble

The Universe is a wicked cool place to exist. Thankfully, NASA is going to let us keep our eyes open a little longer.


gatti v ward I


Spirit losing the will to live.

This is another post from the Onion, which has given me some problems in the past, so let me know if you can pull this up or not.

When you do, enjoy.


On Roy Jones Jr

One of my all time favourite boxers ever. The video in many ways doesn't do him full justice (and when I find a more indicative video, I promise to post it), in that;

A: It concentrates too much on only a handful of his more spectacular fights. Even his losses were amazing, though he definitely appeared to be a shot fighter after moving all the way up to heavyweight in a bid to hold belts at just under a million different weight classes. I'd probably avoid looking for those later fights.

B: It doesn't give you the full display of his most incredible talent - his handspeed. He was so much faster than other fighters he could toy with them for rounds before executing them.

C: He has knockout power in either hand, he could render you unconcsious even throwing from his backfoot and moving backwards, and he possessed more than a hint of sadism. You do get a glimpse of how much RJjr enjoyed abusing and humiliating his opponents in the video.

D; How truly AWFUL and awfully self-important he is as a rapper. Oh wait, the video captures that perfectly - all music is that or RJjr. Kinda sad.

E. Oh yeah, as you can see in the picture below, he was also Captain Ballard in the Matrix (the guy on the left). As pro-athlete turned actor, he could have been much, much, much worse.



Colbert Breaks Down Santorums Lord of the Rings Analogy
Drone Wars


Battle of The Bands

Quote of the Day

'Doubt' is the basis of all scientific progress - T'Pal


war of the worlds- richard burton intro


US Invasion of Iran Update

US Warships are now moving to the Straits of Hormuz...

Will they do the deed (I'm betting it's a blockade + light air campaign) before or after Nov 7?

TO knows whose fault it is...


And the 211th extra-solar planet to be discovered is...Vulcan!

Astronomers have discovered a planet orbiting Epsilon Eridani - better known to those of us with no lives as 'Vulcan'!

"Life is strange. And life keeps getting stranger every day." - New Order


Chuckle of the Day

Ralph Klein's new job? It's as a guest lecturer at an American think tank!

I haven't laughed so hard, for so long, in ages!

Just think of all the things Klein can teach the neo-cons!

- How to properly yell at homeless people
- Surviving and thriving in press conferences, aka; 'the Rod Love Sock Puppet' maneuver
- Making the most of truly bad haircuts
- How to kick your dog, beat your wife, wear a seatbelt and still win over 60% of the pop vote.
- Parliamentary procedures for the stone-cold-drunk.
- The Alberta secret to reducing health care costs by providing substantially less health care.

I see you

Here is the 2.5m Mars Rover "Opportunity" as observed on the edge of the 800m Victoria Crater by the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter from a height of approximately 300km. Oh, did I mention this photo was taken while orbiting another planet. Sometimes, we can be rather clever little monkeys.


Daily Show: Annual GOP BBQ and Nude Cub Scout Wrestle


The Word - Opposition Party