Steve Nash to win MVP #2

Proving last years win was no fluke, Nash did what I thought would be impossible; he got even better.

The Suns dropped three starting players from last years roster keeping only Shawn 'the Matrix' Marion and Nash. They lost their elite pick n' roll finisher Amare Stoudamire for the season. They let Joe Johnson sign with the Hawks. They dealt their starting 2 guard to the Knicks for a centre.

All Nash did was take the collection of players brought in and hand them ALL career years in stats.

That bears repeating, no less than seven players who played for the suns this year had career best seasons - including himself.

He's the best passer in the league, and the best point guard in a generation.

The only remaining question is whether or not he can get the Suns to a title, but whether he does or not, the Hall of Fame will be calling his name.

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Highlander said...

Ironic, and more than a little disappointing, that Kobe is incorporating some Nash into his game and, as a result, looks poised to send the Suns packing.