On Roy Jones Jr

One of my all time favourite boxers ever. The video in many ways doesn't do him full justice (and when I find a more indicative video, I promise to post it), in that;

A: It concentrates too much on only a handful of his more spectacular fights. Even his losses were amazing, though he definitely appeared to be a shot fighter after moving all the way up to heavyweight in a bid to hold belts at just under a million different weight classes. I'd probably avoid looking for those later fights.

B: It doesn't give you the full display of his most incredible talent - his handspeed. He was so much faster than other fighters he could toy with them for rounds before executing them.

C: He has knockout power in either hand, he could render you unconcsious even throwing from his backfoot and moving backwards, and he possessed more than a hint of sadism. You do get a glimpse of how much RJjr enjoyed abusing and humiliating his opponents in the video.

D; How truly AWFUL and awfully self-important he is as a rapper. Oh wait, the video captures that perfectly - all music is that or RJjr. Kinda sad.

E. Oh yeah, as you can see in the picture below, he was also Captain Ballard in the Matrix (the guy on the left). As pro-athlete turned actor, he could have been much, much, much worse.

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