Maxim's top Martial Arts Moments

The list is pretty good, but it is missing a couple of my favourites;

- Mel Gibson's 'Do you want a shot at the title?' fight with Gary Busey (note this takes place well before either of them went crazy or got fat) in the first Lethal Weapon movie.

- In the loopy French flick 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' a native Canadian travels France as the side-kick for a detective assigned by the Dauphin to end the mystery of a beast that randomly kills and eats villagers. Yes, it's a very strange film. But the scene where our Canadian native beats on several villagers using a long wooden pole was worth the price of admission alone.

- Jackie Chan's 'ladder' scene in 'First Strike'. Not a great movie, but the stuff he pulls off with an aluminum ladder is simply insane. Worth renting for that scene alone (and of course the end of credits recap of his out-takes on shooting that scene).

- Ong-Bak the Thai Warrior deservedly got Tony Jaa's double knee drop from a great height as a great move, but they missed the real winner - his no-stunt-double, feet first leap through a ring of razor wire. The other move I would have picked first is the devastating knee-to-head he dishes out in his first fight at the bar.

- No particular stunt stands out, but 'District B-13' was an excellent little ripper of a martial arts flick that flew way under the radar.

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