Maps for US

Miss Teen South Carolina gets all of this madness started off, and if you haven't seen it yet, you really should;

Heeding her plea for more maps for US Americans, an organization lept to the challenge and resolved to collect maps from all over to help educate them and such.

You'd think this joke would get old pretty fast, but the maps that poured in are a hodge podge of fantasy, absurd and kitsch.

Here are my top five;

5. The Flight path of Voyager

4. The Map of Avengers Mansion

3. The Neo-Copernican Map of Chronological Cosmology (The map from 'Time Bandits')

2. The distribution of generic names for 'Soft Drink' across the US

1.The Map that freaks out the West Wing

MapsforUS.org for more!

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