Atheist Superheroes!

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From left to right;

Backrow; Yellowjacket (Henry Pym was also Goliath and Ant-man, but definitely is coolest as YJ), Starman, Dreadstar, Booster Gold, The Atheist (go figure)

Front row: Quasar, Blackhawk, Mastodon, Vivisector (in front of Mastodon - also worth noting that Vivisector is openly gay), Mr Terrific, The Savage Dragon, and the Nazarite (who I believe is from a religious comic).

This link (as well as the header) takes you to a table of the different superheroes and their associated religious affiliation.

The picture above was from a site called 'Omni Brain' and omits;

Agnostics (who are still technically atheists); Green Arrow, Y the Last Man, Slaying Mantis, Amok, Kyle XY

Secular humanist; Reed Richards

Communist Atheists (which is a curious designation as 'Communist' isn't a religion); Red Star, Vanguard, Crimson Dynamo, Doctore Volkh, Mikula, Ursa Major, The Collective Man, Colossus

and 'techno-futurist' Iron Man

But most interesting of all, is (my personal favourite) Wolverine;

His designation is 'raised protestant, has practiced Buddhism, sometimes atheist, sceptical seeker' which is something that about covers my perspective too (though my flirtation with Buddhism was for all of 10minutes, and there is nothing 'sometimes' about my atheism).


Moriarty said...

Go Wolverine and The Atheist...

Of Course, I follow The Shadow...

Jennifer said...

I have to take issue with your comment about how agnostics are "technically atheists." Technically, they are people who don't know. A "gnostic" (if you just translate and don't take all the religious baggage with you) is someone who knows. An A-gnostic is someone who doesn't know. Just as an A-theist is someone without god(s).