A quest for the perfect pork martini

In world beyond revulsion, beyond reverse peristalsis, there lies the PORK MARTINI

Under no circumstances short of a million tax free dollars would I ever try this at home.

Here are some of my favourite quotes;

The ground pork, which had never been very pretty to begin with, reminded me of some tumors I had seen at the Army Medical Museum at Walter Reed."

The pork-infused vodkas were decanted from their glasses through a triple layer of cheesecloth into mixing glasses. This removed most pork solids, but no attempt was made to skim any oils present."

"The chilled Martini had a piggy bouquet beyond its plain pork-vodka aroma. Was that the endothermic effect of the chilled liquor alerting the nose, or the action of the herb-steeped vermouth? I sipped a little. No aftertaste or aftereffect beyond the expected tummy warmth. Little flavor at all, in fact. Dried meats would seem less than optimum."

(hat tip to AJ for the link)

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