McCain as Rove

Here is what I think will be the watershed moment of the McCain campaign, the moment where if you will, he has jumped the shark.

Typically you see this kind of thrashing around with whatever lies you can muster only in the dying moments of a campaign - at the point where the fact that they aren't true has no time to enter the news cycle or penetrate the voters. But McCain's plan coming out of the Sarah Palin bounce (and soon to be 'thud' as she is revealed to be woefully inadequate as a 2nd in command) was simply to smear and smear again - which isn't a plan so much as an admission of defeat by other means. Even the typically stalwart right wing demagogues have found this level of sleaze in the McCain ads to be troubling.

Afterall, what does it say when Karl Rove thinks you've gone to far?

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badrabbi said...

I agree with you that this ad is terribly misleading. This is a despicable distortion of Obama's record.

Although I am a McCain supporter, I am disappointed at this dishonesty, not least because such distortions are completely unnecessary.