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"The problem with American foreign policy goes beyond George Bush. It includes a Washington establishment that has gotten comfortable with the exercise of American hegemony and treats compromise as treason and negotiations as appeasement. Other countries can have no legitimate interests of their own—Russian demands are by definition unacceptable. The only way to deal with countries is by issuing a series of maximalist demands. This is not foreign policy; it's imperial policy. And it isn't likely to work in today's world."

Fareed Zakaria on Obama's foreign policy critics


jay geenen said...

Hello Cameron;
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gatogreensleeves said...

Great quote. I saw you name at Jewish Philosopher's blog, where I noticed you have decimated him several times. Anyway, speaking of Obama, you might get a kick out of JP's latest chimera: http://jewishphilosopher.blogspot.com/2009/04/trip-to-zoo.html
and then you might care to join me (Gatogreensleeves) in our ongoing debate at: http://jewishphilosopher.blogspot.com/2009/02/domino-theory.html


Cameron said...

Hello Mr. GatoGreensleeves,

I'm afraid that I don't visit JP's site anymore, as he simply deletes my posts rather than attempt in any way to address them. I made an attempt to comment on the thread you suggested but as of yet JP hasn't seen fit to post it - which is now standard operating procedure.

The other reason is simply that he isn't sane, and debating with an insane person gets extremely tiresome.

I'm extremely pleased you visit my site, and would love to engage you in conversation.