Colbert vs the Media lapdogs of BushCo.

Header-link takes you to the video of Colbert's speech at the WhiteHouse Correspondents dinner.

It will no doubt be considered a classic comedy piece over the coming decades for several reasons;

1. It is painfully, screamingly, funny.

2. The audience made up largely of politicos, military and media are the targets of Colbert's acid satire, and for the most part, they either; don't get the joke, get the jokes but don't think they are funny, or worst of all, realize that they are in fact the joke, and Colbert is simply telling them the truth. In any case, the laughter from the audience is sparse, and at best intermittent, causing some pundits to claim he 'bombed'. Far from it. It's the sound of an entire news culture having its nose rubbed in to the reality of their craven cowardice.

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Pantokraterix said...

Personally, when I read some jokes I laughed out loud, but seeing it, I dunno, maybe it was just the delivery, but for the most part I didn't laugh. I generally sat slack jawed at the satire, he's got FAR more courage than Stewart had at the Oscars, and it was magnificent, but it wasn't comedy, it was post-modern commentary. But I'm only talking about my own reaction here. Screamingly funny? No. Ballsallicious? Yes.