On the Oilers and Indifference

So the Oilers in the Stanley Cup Finals, eh?

I know this will get me some grief from Canadian hockey fans, but I honestly, don't care.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not cheering for Carolina or Buffalo to beat the Oilers, not at all. I could never root for an American team to beat a Canadian squad.

You see, I don't care anymore because if my only options are to root for the Oilers or to root for an American team, well, I'll watch Steve Nash play instead thanks.

Why? I'm from Calgary. If that doesn't explain it, maybe this will.

The shift to shift war of Otto vs. Messier
Glenn Anderson being Glenn Anderson. Which is to say, scoring a lot of pretty goals and being a complete dick about it every single time.
Esa Freaking Tikkanen.

and of course;

Glenn Sather and Peter Pocklington. A Bush/Cheney duo before that horrific notion was ever spawned.

Let me also be clear, this has nothing to do with Gretzky. Everybody likes Wayne, even shell-shocked Calgary fans from the battle of Alberta grudgingly respected him for being a god-being. We could root against him while also respecting his never before seen talent.

But cheer for the Oilers? Never. They have 5 cups. Calgary has one. When Calgary has six, maybe THEN I'll give the Oil some love. But not before.

Till then, I'm paying attention to one of the greatest sporting events in Canadian sport history - our two time NBA MVP and his off-this-world performance leading the Phoenix Suns.

If it's a choice between giving my boosterism to Ryan Smyth or Steve Nash, it's really no choice at all.

Go Suns!

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Highlander said...

So now that the Suns are gone, where you focusing those eyes?

BTW what happened in that second half? The Suns looked awful.