Atheist video

Starting from the order I posted them, the first video is a hilariously comical look at what happens when an unbelieving atheist is sent to heaven.

The second is more sober, and much, much too earnest for my taste, but it has an oddly compelling quality to it that I can't quite put my finger on. It was great to see that someone noticed both the prevalence of atheists at the leading edge of science, as well as some of the more notable 'celebrity' atheists, but at key points the director seems to almost deliberately undermine himself.

Case in point, when we arrive at the portion of the video where the idea that atheists are 'evil' is rebutted, the first person (non-scientist) that the director shows us is....Woody Allen.

Which is something like being damned with faint praise, I think. Afterall, when I think 'paragon of virtue' I don't immediately think of a septuagenarian film maker with limited appeal who is most famous for leaving his wife to shack up with his own adopted daughter some 50+ years his junior. Now I'm not saying that Woody is 'evil', but he doesn't strike me as the guy I would put at the top of the list of 'morally respectable atheists'.

Ah well. Stridency and enthusiasm are the hallmarks for most 'true believers', but as edifying as it is to have any kind of outpouring of support for atheism, it isn't enough meat for my sandwhich.

That all said, the first video is sooo good and funny, that it makes up for the less stellar, yet more pointed, second video.

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