Weekend Roundup

Porn 1 - God 0

Christian radio station converts to new 'all-sex' format in order to attract more listeners.

Secular Humanism 1 - God 0

"Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religi-osity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies" from the Journal of Religion and Society

The paper is a fancy way of saying 'Religion is not provably good for you, and in fact, it may be bad for your health'.

Drury 1 - Strauss 0

My favourite ex-prof shows us why the Strauss revealed in Saul Bellow's 'Ravelstein' isn't the charmer we suppose.

Strauss 0 vs Fascism 1

A letter unearthed from Leo Strauss reveals his overtly imperialistic and fascist sympathies.

Canada 5 Others 0

A lighthearted look at some of Canada's finest examples of historical leadership.

Science and Technology 1 - Humanity 1

Here's a website where you can get panaoramic views of the Moon's surface. Roughly 37 years ago (give or take a week), people walked on the moon.

I'll see your rising from the dead and raise you one moon landing.

Big Oil 1 - Common Sense 0

Even the rightwingers are starting to agree, it's about the Oil stupid.

Church Whipper 25 - Churches 0

(Note: The Church Whipper is not work safe. Though she is marvelous)

On the existence of Hobbits:

A Homo Florensis update

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