Realism in Dolls attempts a comeback

In an effort to promote a healthier body image in young girls, an alternative to Barbie has hit the market with more realistic features, including pubic hair.

Ok, maybe its just me, but that second doll completely creeps me out.

It reminds me less of a child's toy and more like something you hand a child at the police station followed by 'Show us where the bad touch happened'.

But here's what really gets me, the dolls name is 'Amamanta'. Trying saying that three times fast. Somebody, no names, needs to hire a new marketing director.

Last but not least, a entire generation of women grew up with smooth groined Ken dolls, and yet there doesn't seem to be any lasting social affect from it (it may explain the appeal of 'Hanson' though). So why pick on the freshly brazillianed Barbie?

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Jennifer said...

The new doll looks like it was dug up in an archaeological dig.