Steve Nash's pre-game warmup

After the usual extensive manual therapy, Steve Nash is always the last Suns player to take the court on the road for his other ritual - pregame shots. With 52 minutes until pregame introductions, Nash begins the regimen from close range on the left lower block. He lofts soft, high-arching jumpers with lift each time, dropping all 16 as he moves back on each make until he is 15 feet away. He slides right to the other elbow for 79 shots in that area, throwing in juke steps and various moves. He hits 59 of these.

Nash then goes to the top of the key, alternating moves left and right with pull-up jumpers to hit 10 of 12. He then drops back, keeping his pregame focus at the center of the court and makes 25 of 40 three-point shots. As the Suns' pregame meetings near, he makes 15 of 16 free throws and leaves with a layup on each side of the hoop.

In all, Nash makes 77% (127 of 165) of his shots.

"You picked a bad day," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said.

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