Intel Dump!

Once again, lots of unrelated stuff has built up in my files, and I gotta clear it out sooner or later, so here goes!

- Here's a private golf course that got perhaps a little too private.

Which raises the question about how private can private course be? Do the protesters have the right to stop adult activities from taking place on a private course?

- How about an economic analysis of why retirees buy such big houses? (from the 'Freakonomics' blog)

- Here was an awesome analysis of the NBA and how it's talents can be assessed and GRAPHED!

'Basketball archetype distribution' taken from 'The Arbitrarian' blog. Worth the read - even for non-geeks, or geeks who are non-basketball fans.

- In another galaxy far, far away from that last post, comes this artist of the Macabre!

Some of his special treats;

Lovecraftian specimen jars!
An 18th century werewolf hunting kit
and (coming soon) a 'War of the Worlds' research case!

I know what I want for X-mas (all of them! But especially that WofTW research case)

- Seat up? Or seat down? Can Game Theory help a guy out? Women may not like the answer...

I have two quibbles with the analysis (despite the fact the conclusion fits my predjudices)

The frequency of #1 and #2 is not equal for men - #1 in my experience is more frequent by a factor of as much as 2 or 3 to 1

The frequency of yelling (the cost of having the seat down) is typically limited to toilet seat up discoveries related to a night time visit by M (wife). Hence the frequency of yelling is overstated as a cost (that said, it is possible that yelling occurs with every discovery of toilet seat being out of position for others night time or not).

In any case, it was a hoot to see game theory used to solve something useful.

- Here are is an article and a blog devoted to the sex lives of dinosaurs! Like you aren't interested.

Last but not least, Centauri Dreams has an article up on 'Hyperion's Hydrocarbons'. Sweet.


badrabbi said...


Intrigued by your brilliant bashing of thiests, I ventured into your blog. Here, I am reminded of the attic of a quirky mad scientist with a sense of humor. Where do you find this stuff?

jewish philosopher said...

Cameron, as an atheist, you don't believe in God. But could you please tell me, how do you define "God". You can email me at jstein@ghi.com. Thank you.