My Generation

Allright I am going to have to start doing a list of how being the target demographic for advertisers creeps me out vs rocks my world;

Creeps Me Out

- New Order's 'Age of Consent' is the music in a Cingular/AT&T ad.

- TheThe's 'This is the Day' was used to sell Dockers (This was a transgression that had me suicidal. That said, the music had me suicidal when I was a teen so I guess it all evens out).

That said, part of being the major demographic totally ROCKS!

- New Order and The The have more exposure now than ever before.
- 'Heroes' and 'BattleStar Galactica' are awesome programs geared to my demographic
- To a lesser extent, the inherent rationalism of 'Law and Order' and the 'CSI' shows is as well. Mine is a technological age afterall.

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