My Video Bar

You may have noticed that I have adjusted the blog to include video feeds in the side-bar.

To access them, just click on the picture. The video will then load and play at the very top of the blog (you may have to move the page back to the top to see it).

Currently, I am running:

Do Make Say Think - a mega-awesome band from Canada that I am jacked to be able to see in concert.

Sam Harris - atheist and award winning author. Also, he obliterated Andrew Sullivan in a faith debate.

Carl Sagan - Astronomer, pop science philosopher, genius, and pot smoker. Was married to Ann Druyan. Wrote 4 of my all-time favourite books. My hero.

Phil Plait - Astronomer, skeptic, podcaster, debunker of nonsense.

Daniel Dennett - Philosopher of mind. Atheist, defender of free will, and all-round very big brain.

The Amazing Randi - Magician, skeptic, debunker of frauds, psychics and charlatans.

I recently dumped William Gibson (the videos were kind of lame), and I am likely to be changing it up again in the next few days, so get your fill while you can.

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