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What these massive link-fests lack in coherence I guarantee they will make up in volume!

Here we go...

Babes with Books.

Pure eye candy for the literate.

How about this? It's 'Pole dancing cat fight' - and is as delightful as it sounds!

As my friends know, my wife and I are looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of Halo 3. It seems some fellows at MIT are also waiting. And we know that idle hands are the devils workshop.

Once disgraced football blogger Gregg Easterbrook has written the post I have been waiting for... The Patriots cheated in their Superbowl victories.

Speaking of football, here is one of the strange places where football intersects with science. Money quote;

"Dear Drew Brees,
As your fantasy football owner and a concerned fan, I respectfully request that you stop sucking. Your very manhood may depend on it."

It's worth reading the whole thing for the unexpected science angle, but clearly fantasy pool GMs everywhere will feel the author's pain.

If only we fantasy owners could somehow find some Satisfaction....

Having touched on science, here is great article on bad TV and movie science.

Money quote:

"The X-Men make a last food stand: A rough estimate of the calories Magneto had to consume to fuel the magnetic fields that moved the Golden Gate Bridge? 4.8 million, the equivalent to burning of 1,350 pounds of fat. Dieters, take note."

One of the noteworthy things in Canada is that our money is now trading on par with the US greenback. What does it all mean? According to Andrew Coyne, not very much at all. Me? I notice that four out of six of the Canadian hockey teams went from being financial basket cases to being the top six grossing teams in the league. I guess thats what happens when your revenues are in Canadian bucks but your expenses are paid in American.

While we're still hanging in Canada, it's worth noting that Alberta is by far the worst offender in Greenhouse gas emissions. Colour me shocked. Not.

Sticking with the True North, here's an article on Mulroney's economics. It contains an assessment of NAFTA, the GST, Inflation and Fiscal Policy.

Money Quote:

"The canonical study of the effects of FTA/NAFTA on the Canadian economy is Dan Trefler's 2004 AER article (26-page pdf), which concludes that its effects were - after a not-inconsiderable period of adjustment - small and positive: "a 3-percent rise in earnings spread over eight years will buy you more than a cup of coffee, but not at Starbucks."

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative not withstanding, I still don't much like Mulroney, NAFTA, or the GST.

Sticking with economics for a moment, in this case the economics of food. Here are some myths about organic farming.

Here is something I offer as a tribute to two Als, Al Chatenay my buddy from U of C who helped me come to reach an appreciation of Led Zeppelin, and Al Maclean, my Father in law who recently informed me that he once literally wore out the grooves of his Led Zep IV.

For you Al;

Well not unlike Led Zeppelin and LOTR, here are another two things go great together, Positive Liberty - my favourite libertarian political blog, and the new Battlestar Galactica.

S'all for now!

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