Wedding Picture comments

First off, as any Trekkie will tell you, the picture has one obvious problem that screams for explanation;

Why are the two Starfleet officers getting married on the bridge of the Enterprise circa 'Next Generation' but wearing uniforms from 'The Original Series'?

Possible answers;

- A temporal anomaly carried their two person research ship from the past to the 23rd century. After being treated for Chroniton radiation poisoning the two happy time travellers were promptly wed on the vessel that rescued them.

- To honour their grandparents both the wedding participants wore uniforms from the past handed down to each of them through the generations.

- In a display of rebelliousness at the new uniform codes, these two officers used a loophole in Starfleet regulations to protest the single piece outfits being issued to personnel by wearing the now 200 year old designs at their wedding on the bridge. No more unitards!

- Brought to the 23rd century by the omnipotent being known as 'Q', these two lovers found themselves trapped in the future when Q's repeated attempts to breed succesfully with either of them were met with failure. Rescued by the Enterprise, they finally found peace and the time to tie the knot.

- It's a Halloween wedding on the Enterprise!

- The wedding actually took place in an alternate universe that had parallel development to our own. In this alternate universe, the uniforms from TOS were never changed. It was determined that any contact with beings of this alternate universe is to be avoided as they may be 'anti-matter' constructs and the resultant cataclysm from the contact of anti-matter and the matter of our universe could cause its complete destruction. The wedding party was subsequently isolated in a magnetic bottle cut off from either universe and the entrance to the bottle destroyed. "How would it be, trapped with a woman at your throat forever? How would it be?"

- The real question has not to do with the uniforms, but why neither of these Klingons have the distinctive head-ridges.

Ok, now to the Top Five Wedding Pic Comments!

5 - 'Aauuk Blooog Toaku'
(Klingon for 'Congratulations' - thanks to TW for her kind regards!)

4 - 'You LIED to me'! - My Mom, upon finding out we were not in fact holidaying in BC.

3 - 'So is there a shotgun off camera?' - my new boss. All class.

2 - 'My brother is the biggest nerd ever. Let's throw a party!' - From my brother, the coolest human being alive.

1 - 'vegas star trek wedding
the big geek turns pro with style

Top spot goes to a stellar haiku from buddy AJ.


AR said...

I am truly honored... how do you say this in Klingon?

Cameron said...

I have no idea. Thank the Lords of Kobol!