He is the most ridiculously gifted heavyweight fighter in the NHL.

He stands 6'7", and weighs in over 270lbs. That's not heavyweight, thats SUPERheavyweight, the class of indvidual usually reserved for that fraction of 1% of the population capable of going toe-to-toe with Andre the Giant.

He's a freak of nature. Who can also skate.

As John Buccigross put it;

"There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Derek Boogaard has allowed to live."

In the fight with Fedotenko a player on the Ducks described the results of Boogaard's beating of Fedotenko thusly;

'Boogaard simply caved his face in'.

Fedotenko is out with multiple facial fractures - for what I would guess will be quite a long time. Worth noting that Boogaard;

A. Didn't pick this fight. It was Fedotenko who went after him. I pity the fool.

B. Didn't overly celebrate (ala Domi's 'phantom belt' or 'speed-bag' gestures). He may be impossibly strong and incredibly vicious, but he isn't a showboat more interested in his own fights than the team he is fighting for.

C. Hasn't had a bought with Phx Coyote (and former heavyweight champ) Georges Laraque. For that, I would pay money to see.

D. In many ways, he's a throwback goon. If he can skate well enough to stick in the new NHL though, he'll be the most terrifying goon, ever.

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