Taking a ride on the Nostalgia train - Jen reviews Chilliwack Live in Concert!

Personally, I'd have been one of those friends who would prefer root canal to seeing Chilliwack try to 80's ballad their way to the grave as they careen through their dotage. But the sentiment is spot on. Some bands become 'ours' through a variety of circumstances, and the lack of objectivity we have towards them is part and parcel of their appeal.

For me, I know looking back on one of my favourites that 'Saga' wasn't the world changing force for progressive art-rock that I thought when I was 15-17, but I have never been able to disavow completely.

However, just because Saga has that imperviousness to criticism about it for me that Chilliwack does for Jen, I nevertheless maintain that my Kung-Fu is more powerful than hers.

Here is the proof of my superior Kung Fu;

- Saga, like David Hasselhoff, are perplexingly huge stars in Germany. (though as you can see they, like Chilliwack, have aged a little since the concert in 1988 here)

- Saga, unlike David Hasselhoff, are perplexingly huge stars in Puerto Rico;

"The band has been constantly successful in Germany since its inception. It is also very popular in Puerto Rico: Saga has visited the island eleven times. Saga's third concert in Puerto Rico (1981) caused riots from fans trying to crash into a sold-out concert that sold over 10,000 tickets. Most of the inner cover photographs from the original vinyl release of Worlds Apart were taken in Puerto Rico, particularly (and prominently) a live photograph from the 1981 concert. The band received formal recognition as distinguished visitors of the country from the Puerto Rican legislature in February 2005.

(all emphasis mine, Cameron)

I'll give Chilliwack points for; being Canadian, being a fringe on the mainstream pop culture (mostly urban pockets of English Canada), and for having talent, if albeit of lightweight stature.

But I would say those things of my beloved Saga as well.

Unless Jen has a Kung Fu defense to match my devastating 'We're so big we get riots in Puerto Rico' move, I call my Kung Fu the most deadly.


Jennifer said...

I wouldn't say that riots mean a band is good, although it might mean that their fans are insane.

Your "kung fu" is just your snobbiness about bands other people like.

Jennifer said...

...and come on. Saga?

Cameron said...

"wind him up, he can't stop, he keeps on going round the clock..." - Saga