Halo the way the Gods intended

Last weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate AJ's successful circumnavigation of the sun by attending a LAN (that's 'Local Area Network' for you non-geeks) party he was throwing.

Here are some of the things that made this event special;

- No fewer than 4 X-Box 360's !!!!
- A plethora of monitors
- One giant 72" projector screen!
- Nerds aplenty
- The online presence of Red Five and Red Six (and let's face it, she's too good to ride Dan's handle, Celina deserves her own - we need to work on this)
- 10+ straight hours of game play!
- My outrageous domination of everyone present (ok, maybe not outrageous domination)

All in all, a massive good time was had by all!

(That's Keegen in the background horrifically botching his Vulcan salute. We still like him anyway)

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