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"Knowledge in most scientific disciplines doubles every five years. How fast is it growing in religion?" - Sam Harris in his debate with Andrew Sullivan

The full text of their exchange can be found here. It's a marvelous debate, in part because both participants (especially Harris) demonstrate a respect for the position of the other, while nevertheless fighting with the gloves off.

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J Hunt said...

I find the debate between Harris and Sullivan to be intriguing as well...

Since picking up 'The End of Faith...' I've been devouring all of the Harris I can find online etc...

I think it is the tone of verisimilitude with which he speaks and writes that appeals, and the very fact that he is so calmly respectful and matter of fact about his position.

I think his next step should be to start preliminary work on the conversation\discourse for which "The End of Faith..." acts as a Manifesto.