Batman Begins

WOW - it was simply AWESOME

Let me say up front, that it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Period. However, I did have a few minor quibbles with it;

- Christopher Nolan clearly did not cut his teeth as an 'action' director. All the fight scenes suffered from rushed editing cuts which often obscured who was inflicting what damage to whom. This was especially frustrating in the climactic fight scene on the train.

- Rhas Al-Ghul's overly complicated villainous plot. (Spoiler Alert!) Lessee, he's successfully managed to dump large amounts of toxin into the Gotham water supply. Mission accomplished, no? No. Apparently, he felt it was necessary to use a drug that was only effective as an aerosol, and so he has to steal a prototype microwave weapon that will turn water into steam in a limited radius around it - he then has to drive the weapon around Gotham in order to enact his plan. Couldn't he have just picked a water soluble drug to start with? Afterall, Scarecrow sure looked like he might be familiar with other hallucinogens that would do the job.

- Katie Holmes. She wasn't bad. She was just overshadowed by the clingy blouse she wore that..uh 'showed off' how uh...'cold' she was.

- The Batmobile. I admit I was very sceptical after seeing the trailers, and overall, I was won over by it, but there was one scene where the tank sized car leaps from a parking garage and lands at full speed on a church roof top, before it leaps again to an off-ramp. Gosh I know churches benefit from centuries of architectural history in terms of sturdy construction (the flying butress and all that), but c'mon, a FREAKIN TANK lands on the roof and doesn't fall through?

Anyway, the quibbles are minor, the movie is AMAZING, and I highly reccomend it.

Here is one of the many money quotes from the flick;

"You know how it is, you go to a party and next thing you know someone is passing around a weaponized hallucinogen." - Batman

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Anonymous said...

Hmph... I was altogether unimpressed by the microwave... such a weapon should be used to cook the people silly enough to get close to it, or be underneath it when it passes overhead... not blow the grates off of sewers. And what was the issue with it reaching the Wayne Tower?

Anyway, after two viewings, the best part of the movie really is the chemistry between Bale and Caine.

And my money quote, "We destroyed Rome; we put the plague rats on ships; we burnt London. Whenever a civilisation reaches the height of its decadence, we have been there to bring it down."

Ah yes, 1666, the height of English decadence. And 1347, yes, Europe's really gone downhill since then.