5 Podcasts you should listen to

5. For an awesome and occasionally contentious debate about drug policy in the US, check out the Cato Institutes podcast from 5-30-07 called 'Lies, damned lies, and Drug War Statistics'. The authors of a recent scathingly critical book on US drug policy go head to head with an administration official in a lively and very informative debate.

4. Background Briefing 06-03-07 (another fine ABC production) does a lengthy interview with Atul Gawante on how medical practices when compared to each other fall into the expected bell curve of results, what this means in terms of health effects, and how medicine can be improved.

3. Big Ideas from 05-20-07 has Andrew Potter (one of my faves) and his co-author Joseph Heath letting some of the air out of the counterculture consumer movement - especially author Naomi Klein, and the magazine 'Adbusters'.

2. NHL Radio: FaceOff - Pierre Maguire vs Darren Pang in staged hockey debates! Only downside on this is the fact the season is now over. :-(

1. Point of Inquiry has an excellent podcast featuring author Sam Harris (Letter to a Christian Nation) discussing the 'Mortal Dangers of Religion'.

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