Quote of the Day II

"When you see how evidence-resistant a propagandist like Hewitt can be, you begin to realize how important it is to keep these people away from power. They are much less interested in defeating al Qaeda than they are in using al Qaeda to defeat Democrats." - Andrew Sullivan

With all apologies to Mr. Sullivan, hasn't it been clear all along that the Bush administration has been utterly bankrupt in it's foreign policy because it was always only about domestic policy?

Doesn't it seem clear that Rove et al. intended the Iraq invasion less as a purposeful exercise of military might than as a means to creating and sustaining a mythology for Bush jr as a 'war-time president' so as to propel the Republicans to electoral victory after victory?

Iraq makes no sense as an invasion outside of this context at all - it certainly wasn't to pacify the country, install democracy, or free the people from tyranny - not when all of the opposites seem to have been deliberately encouraged, i.e. US forces stood by while sectarian forces took each other on, and the democracy established reversed the standing for women and minorities and established Islamic rather than secular laws.

As I see it, Iraq was always an election tool, one that would, coincidentally of course, make holders of Halliburton stock stinking filthy rich, placate the Saudi's, and show Iran who was boss.

To call it moronic would be to unfairly malign morons.

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