Religion and Atheism Update

Obese prevaricator Jerry Falwell passed away. Yeah, I'm really busted up about it. So much so, I'm posting the following obits, the first provided by snarky contrarian Christopher Hitchens, and the second a surprisingly touching one from pornographer Larry Flynt (you may remember that Flynt dueled with Falwell all the way to the Supreme Court)

Senator Sam Brownback is not just a candidate for President on the GOP ticket, he's one of the three GOP candidates who publicly disavowed believing in evolution. It seems that some of his supporters go even further and take issue with helio-centrism as an atheist doctrine. Gotta-be-GOP!

Here's an article on how religion fails, and the (inevitable?) rise of secularism.

Money quote:

"In the end what humanity chooses to believe will be more a matter of economics than of debate, deliberately considered choice, or reproduction. The more national societies that provide financial and physical security to the population, the fewer that will be religiously devout. The more that cannot provide their citizens with these high standards the more that will hope that supernatural forces will alleviate their anxieties. It is probable that there is little that can be done by either side to alter this fundamental pattern."

Another article on the same topic suggests that we may have the cause and effect backwards. It is not secularism that leads to declining birth-rates, it is declining birth-rates that lead to secularism. I have to admit, that I'm not convinced at all by this thesis, but it is intriguing to consider.

From the Richard Dawkins website comes this heartening tale of Mormon's vs Baptists at Easter. Warning, this does contain some wheelchair on shin violence.

Is God a Democrat or a Republican?

God is Dead. Hail Satan. Charlie Brown must die. Deeply subversive, but also rife with vulgarity and IMO a little off the mark. I did laugh out loud though!

Here's a relatively simple question, "why won't God heal amputees?"

Here's an interesting blog where Christians and Atheists engage in an ongoing dialogue.

On a more depressing note, here are two stories about Creationist museums;

In the first one of these temples to foolishness receives a donation of $1M bucks!

In the second, a similar museum (one truly stunning in it's ineptness) opens in Big Valley Ab!

It's cute, in a completely insane kind of way. Here's my favourite quote lifted from the website:

"The "Evidence From Geneaology" display, donated by Edgar Nurnberg, is one of the more favourite displays of our visitors. These scrolls from the Lambeth Palace in England trace the geneaology of King Henry the 6th back to Adam and Eve."

Awesome! But before you get in your car and race off to see this fantastic display of wingnuttery in the heart of Alberta's bible belt, you'd best heed the following advice:

"Call first to see if you can arrange a tour, and
to make sure we are open".

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