Errors in Star Trek? NEVER!

This was a fun read, as the intrepid WinAce sets out to demonstrate that there is no such thing as an internal inconsistency in Star Trek.

On a sad note, the author who suffered from Cystic Fibrosis passed away this week.

He was all of 20 years old.

"Q takes Picard, Troi, Data and Yar to stand trial for the crimes of humanity. Why then, is Data, an android, included in the group? It makes some sense that Troi be included, being half human, but Data has no human DNA. He has no DNA, period!"

Data is an offshoot of humanity, what could be considered an artificial human. By that logic, would in-vitro fertilized humans also be unaccountable for the crimes of their forefathers??
Human society has always recognized this not to be the case, as any of a number of competing creation myths can show you. What's next - he'll be saying that Adam and Eve eating a magical fruit isn't grounds enough to condemn all their descendants to a fiery death?

RIP Allan.

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Pantokraterix said...

Except artificially inseminated humans are not artificial humans. But Data was created by humans, so he benefits from the labours and suffering of all who came before him, so he is just as "guilty" as any human. That is, we may not have done the crime, but we are still responsible today for the continuing actions and results of the crimes and actions of our ancestors. Data, being created by a human is just as responsible as anyone else could be.