Positive trends

Republican Pennsylvania voted for Democrats to replace the Dover PA. schoolboard.

A sweep for the Democrats (including one of the parents who launched the anti-ID lawsuit) as they take control of the schoolboard with the promise to move ID from science classes and into an elective comparative religion course (where it really belongs).

In Maine and Virginia Democrats held both of the contested governorships.

Even better, in Maine the vote on anti-discrimination legislation easily defeated the attempts by the Christian right to have it thrown out.

Of course, in Texas the ban on gay marriage was passed - but Texas voters are always retarded compared to everywhere else (where else do they execute mentally sub-normal teenagers?, and in Kansas the schoolboard voted 6-4 to gut the science standards for textbooks to include ID, so you can't win 'em all.

That said, Canadian kids should continue to blow away the academically challenged students that emerge from the intellectual hellscape that is Kansas.

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