The evil of Leo Strauss

Ok, I have in the past ranted about the 'Straussians' and their influence on American political thought. Rarely have I ever been able to coherently explain my fervent dislike for this cabal of intellectuals and their program.

Fortunately, we have Shadia Drury.

Now, to be fair, I was student of Drury's at U of C, and to this day I still referrence her course material more often than those of any other professor.

Drury currently plys her trade at the U of Regina.

The following is an interview she gave where she discusses the philosophical underpinnings of the Straussian movement.

Just so you kow;

Paul Wolfowitz
Irving Kristol
Richard Perle
Irving 'Scooter' Libby

and a host of others are died in the wool Straussians (my ultimate loathing is currently for William Kristol - Irving's son, and the chief apologist for the Cheney White House).

If you follow politics, especially in the US, it is vital to understand where the Straussians are coming from.

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