Republicans hate Women

This time they are meddling with the FDA to prevent over the counter approval for 'Plan B' a contraceptive that is best taken immediately after (within 72 hours) of sex.

It speaks to a deep resentment of women's biological authority that the GOP would mess with contraception in this way. Sex it seems, is evil and wrong, and women who have sex shouldn't be allowed to avoid the pregnancy that could result.

To provide this contraceptive is in the minds of the GOP, a liscence for women to have sex without consequences - and Pat Robertson knows we can't have that.

I can understand the opposition to RU486, which acts to disrupt a pregnancy in it's earliest stages, on the grounds that is an 'abortafacient', which isn't to say I agree with them, just that they are consistent in their thinking.

But Plan B is not an abortafacient, and the GOP opposition is almost the equivalent of banning condoms.

Which is probably next on their list after they finish packing the supreme court.


moriarty said...

forget plan b or bru486, the GOP has conveniently forgot how IUDs work...they prevent zygotes from uterine implantation...de facto abortion ex macina rather than ex pharma...hehe

Cameron said...

My understanding was that IUDs were problematic as disease generators. The principle of an IUD is simple, a device floating in the uterus prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall by 'irritating' it, and through physical contact with the egg itself.

The majority of IUDs were 'sperm' shaped with long wire like tails, and that the device itself became home to harmful bateria that eventually caused infection, or worse.

If my understanding is correct, they are not in regular use in North America.

moriarty said...

Actually, the use of IUDs have made a comeback with a vengence in the last 10 years with the changing demographics, the pill's side-effect profile after 35 etc in N. America and esp. Europe. Recent IUDs are much, much more safe than there older counterparts. There primary mechanism of action is to cause uterine inflammation preventing the fertilized egg from implantation. Hence abotio ex machina rather than the plan b or ru486 abortio ex pharma.