Beauty enters through the eye

I recall a conversation I had with my parents (and this may shock some of you who don't have conversations like this with your parents) about the differences between men and women and cognition.

The key part of the debate was when I said;

"When a man meets a women, any woman, we instantaneously assess whether or not we would sleep with them before any other conscious thoughts occur about that person."

My Dad nodded in assent, whereas I believe my Mom simply had her low view of the human male reinforced.

The link in the above is a paper that says essentially the same thing as I did. That humans are wired to assess the 'beauty' (or 'boink-ability', or whatever way you want to put it) of others extremely quickly, and that we do so unconciously.

If God made us in his likeness, then He must have been used to checking out the angelic multitude and how boinkable they were.

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