The Case for Impeachment

Harper's magazine ran this recently, and so far the reaction has been one loud silence.

Pat Buchanan was on the McLaughlin Group a few weeks back and had nothing but hysterical derision for the suggestion that Bush might face impeachment.

Here's my rough back of the hand list of impeachable offenses;

Katrina response
Invading Iraq
Guantanamo Bay
Compromising the identity of an undercover agent during wartime
Torture of captives
Jose Padilla's arrest without warrant and incarceration without trial (he's an American citizen)
Domestic spying and wiretapping without warrant

The good news, such as it is, is;

Bush is now polling at just 34%
Democrats are now outpolling Republicans on Security issues (first time that has happened in decades)
Mid term elections are coming, and the Repbulican majority in the Senate (though likely not the Congress) will be threatened.

Patrick Fitzgerald isn't done laying charges.

Bush only has three years left.

If only we could catch him recieving oral sex from an intern - THEN we would have an impeachable offense!

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Pantokraterix said...

Well hey, he's still more popular than Vlad the Impaler and Baron Harkonnen.