Clay Aiken may not be exactly as advertised

From the 'all Americans are victims' file comes this tidbit.

It seems a group of aggrieved women are suing Sony because it was recently revealed that Clay Aiken might be gay and they only bought his album because they believed he was straight.

First things first, if the first impression you have of Clay Aiken is 'Hetero Stallion of Love' you need to get your 300lb ass off the couch and meet some real live men.

Secondly, if you bought Clay's album because the thought of this macho man-beast crooning to you in a limp falsetto makes your heart pound and your nether regions stir, you have far bigger problems than Sony's marketing campaign being something less than forthcoming about Clay's sexuality.

I can't decide what about this story is more depressing. That Clay Aiken has a career at all, or that the quintessential manufactured pop-star is being sued because some of his fans actually clued in to the idea he's manufactured.

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Pantokraterix said...

I have no idea what Clay Aiken's music sounds like, but I always thought he was gay - I laughed out loud at the manufactured "relationships" I saw. Kelly Clarkson on the other hand, looks rather "pop" but she's got quite the voice, or so I realized when I was accidentally listening to the radio and they identified one of her songs.