AR ups the sex quotient

I haven't blogged much about sex lately, so here are a couple of items from the Village Voice:

First an article on our modern fascination with going 'in through the out-door'.

"What other hole do you know that is associated with Freudian pathology, puritanical repression, and homophobia? That's one busy orifice."

Second is an article on what the discovery of retro-porn tells us about where porn is heading.

"Can porn get more outrageous, more circus-like, more limit pushing? Legally, there are probably few things left to explore that won't get someone charged with obscenity, especially under this administration. Just last week, Max Hardcore's offices were raided by the feds, and copies of several of his recent movies were seized for possible prosecution."

Now I just have to up my sci-fi quotient and I'll be happy.

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