Rachel, Pris and the Cherry 2000, coming soon!

If only she could cook.

Q: "Is having sex with a doll just creative masturbation?"

A: I think so.

Q: "How long before we mesh AI with the dolls to create responsive sex bots?"

A: Given the slow state of AI growth despite some interesting developments in 'learning nets', etc., I suspect the next wave of sexbots will have improvements in the physical characteristics (i.e. even more realistic movements, flesh and skin tone) coupled with software that lets the doll 'respond' with rote phrases (or perhaps just the appropriate grunting), to their user.

Q: "Is it a reflection of male misogyny"?

A: I don't think so. I would assume that even the most desperately lonely man would prefer a real woman to a doll, and that the choice of having sex with a doll is made not out of dislike (or overt hatred if you read Andrea Dworkin - and let me add that you really shouldn't) for women, but rather because the guys are finding that women for whatever reason, aren't interested in them. If anything then, this is a reflection of 'mis-androgyny' (someone will have to confirm the Latin for me).

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