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L: Ovechkin, Elias, Nash-P3, Amonte, Shelley

Rating: 4.5

Ovechkin is the second coming of Selanne, big, fast, overwhelming shot, and an aptitude for contact the Finnish Flash never possessed. He’s the real deal. Elias has been assured a job by the Devils, but his Hep A makes his ongoing status as an FP doubtful. Nash is the classic power-forward; a bulldozer frame, wingspan, wheels, and deadly accurate shot. A future powerplay monster when he returns to health. Amonte is a good stop-gap till Elias/Nash recover enough to play, and Shelley is a bomb-thrower who will only see duty if the injury gods continue to plague the Edge.

C: Fedorov, Jokinen, Peca, Primeau, Halpern-P1

Rating: 2.5

Fedorov has been bit by the injury bug, but should otherwise be a solid #1 and ppg threat when healthy. Jokinen is a classic #2 pivot who should max out under a ppg but still net at least 30 goals. Peca or Primeau make for a decent third liner, as both have some upside (and either could sub in as a TG), but neither will break out for more than 25 goals. Halpern was derided as a prospect because of his career performance as a checking pivot. Despite some early scoring spurts, he has returned to the role of being the teams designated shadow.

R: Sykora, Lehtinen, Dumont, Domi, Perry-P1, Stewart-P1

Rating: 2.5

Sykora, Lehtinen and Dumont give the Edge a trio of second line calibre wingers to fill the top three spots. Domi has wicked goon potential, but will be tough to crack the lineup ahead of him. Perry is a slow footed scoring machine with unbelievable hand skills – he’s not ready yet, but he is a keeper. Stewart has mammoth strength, and great wheels, but is still learning to hone his overall game. One day he’ll be a tremendous force barrelling in off the wing, but not yet.

D: Leetch, Boyle, Aucoin, Priessing, Tanabe, Brewer, Hamhuis, Martin-P2, Jackman-P3, Staios-P1

Rating: 3.5

Leetch, Boyle and Aucoin form an above average top 3 unit, with Leetch being the most likely to approach a ppg from the back end. Tanabe and Brewer are excellent depth defenders with strong offensive upsides. Priessing is an unknown quantity as far as his points range, but he has a decent chance to land on the SJ powerplay. Hamhuis is a project who may well bear fruit this year. Martin is the longer term cornerstone of the teams D corps, his vision, passing skills and wheels will make him a long term threat, and short term #4-5. Jackman has the tools to be a #1, but most overcome injury and the loss of his long-time partner MacInnis. Staios is an overage AHL defenseman pressed into duty only because of a lack of depth. Will struggle to keep his prospect status for more than a year.

G: Lehtonen-P2, Legace

Rating: 2.5

Lehtonen is already down with an injury in his rookie campaign, but has the resume of a future all-star in the making should he return to health. That said, he’ll see a lot of rubber given the quality of defensemen in front of him. Legace has the benefit of a better D corps in front of him, but is undersized and tends to wear out under a heavy workload. Could be a long year for Edge goalies.

Overall: 15.5

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