US Soliders burn Taliban bodies for propaganda

What's next for US soldiers? On-camera necrophilia?

I understand the 'few bad apples' theory, but contrast the persistent abuses perpetrated by US soliders (with approval from superiors) with how Canadian politicans reacted to the death of Sidane Arone in Somalia at the hands of our infantry men.

A kid was murdered by our own bad apples, and our government;

- disbanded and dispersed the unit
- held a public inquiry into Arone's death
- punished the soliders responsible, and the commanders of the soldiers responsible

In all, we insisted on accountability and responsibility up the line. Nobody got to pass the buck.

Yet nothing remotely like this is taking place in the US where it is all denials, buck passing or scapegoating.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the U.S. is not the kind of Army it wants the world to think it is.