Probably blasphemy to the cause of Pastafarianism, but I find the case for Cthullu more compelling than for the 'Flying Spaghetti Monster'. Is it possible the two are one and the same? Could they be sister religions?

If so, I wonder if anyone warned Cthullu about it. He might take the worshippers of FSM as being run of the mill humans fit for slaughter at the hands of the Ancient ones.

(Side note to the Highlanders GM - you know way back when in the day when you had that bad little freak-out over my 'Slithis' poster? Consider if I had had this one instead....)


Jennifer said...

He looks like the lobster guy on Futurama! Oy!

Cameron said...

You mean Zoidberg looks like Cthullu, who predates the Futurama star by some 80 years (Lovecraft).