Quote of the Day

"Atheism - the religion devoted to the worship of one's own smug sense of superiority"

Steven Colbert (The Daily Show - "This Week in God")

Guilty on all charges I'm afraid - and cheerfully so!


Jennifer said...

Well. Maybe for some. :-)

Richard said...


I still have Tkachuk as a winger. Underperforming is not a strong enough word for it. Doan and Smyth have both become available. Yahoo will let me put players on IR, and draft a temporary replacement.

So: Should I go ahead, turf Tkachuk, and draft Doan and Smyth, IRing Smyth until he's better?

I'm hesitating because in all the stats I can look up, and Yahoo's recommendation is that Tkachuk is the better player.

Incidently, Elias turned out to be a boon. He's IR'd, So I drafted a replacement player: Dominik Hasek.

The Lost Boys now have four goalies: Hasek, Belfour, Luongo and Khabibulin. Havlat does double duty on both wings.

Advice, please.