Lost Masterpieces

Some of these are more speculative than others, including what is an especially thin case for their being a lost work of Shakespeare titled 'Loves Labour Won'.

The story of how all of Aeschylus' works are consumed in the destruction of the library of Alexandria still makes me furious everytime I read it. It's only been 1300+ years, you'd think I'd be over it by now.

My only exposure to some of these authors is tangetial at best. Plath's 'Bell Jar' comes to me not through poetry readings but through film, and Gogol's 'Dead Souls' arrived in my cultural firmamemnt as a song title by Joy Division (subsequently redone expertly by Nine Inch Nails for 'The Crow' soundtrack). Which goes to show not just how shallow my own tastes are, but how despite my Plebian palatte I manage to still make contact with the giants - albeit elliptically.

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