Zombie Grasshoppers!

The grasshoppers eat a parasitic worm, it infects them, invades their brain, and then eventually makes the grasshopper leap to its final death in a body of water where the parasite finishes consuming the grasshopper to emerge into its watery habitat as an adult.

Still on the topic of zombies, while the Great White's GM and his lovely GF were out here in beautiful Lotus land we (including my own lovely GF) were driving through sun dappled down-town Van when we noticed 3 zombies lurching along the pavement. Their eyes were all hollow and black, their clothing were rags, and several had what looked like the leftovers of a recent human flesh meal staining their faces. On-lookers had reactions that ranged from indiference (we get panhandled every few minutes in Van, distinguishing flesh eating zombies from homeless vagrants isn't as easy you might think), to laughter, to incomprehension.

In short, it was FANTASTIC!

I'd only read about Zombie attacks in other blogs, so to actually see a group of them engaged in their specialized performance art was definitely a treat. Our guests were equally impressed - apparently there are not many zombies in Ab outside of the legislature.

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