The NYT interviews Cronenberg

Money quote;

"It's impossible to look over a list of the movies that well-meaning Hollywood emissaries have pushed on him over the last 20 years - "Witness," "The Truman Show," "Top Gun," (AR: Don't forget he was once attached to "HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy") "Flashdance," etc. - and not amuse yourself by imagining how some of the seminal pop cinema of the last 20 years might have been different had Cronenberg ever said yes.

"'Flashdance' was the real anomaly," he says. "But I don't really think of anything as inappropriate. What's boring, what's depressing, is if they only send you horror films. Or, in fact, they think you'll like something, and it turns out to be, let's say, 'Constantine' - devil stuff, demon stuff. I don't do demons. I'm an atheist, and so I have a philosophical problem with demonology and supporting the mythology of Satan, which involves God and heaven and hell and all that stuff. I'm not just a nonbeliever, I'm an antibeliever - I think it's a destructive philosophy. But the people who send this material out, all they know is that you've done some stuff that they think is supernatural, which is actually not something I do either. I was asked to do 'Dark Water,' and it was a nice script, but the reason I didn't want to do it was the ghost thing. The movie posits that ghosts do exist. That suggests that there is some kind of afterlife. I'm philosophically opposed to that view. On the other hand, I can say, for example, that I am haunted by my parents. And I can hear their voices in my head. To explore that kind of haunting - that I can do. That's interesting to me."

I have my tix to see the Vancouver premier of 'A History of Violence' this Thursday!
In true Bob fashion, the Shadowmen GM saw it last night at the Toronto Film Festival, beating me to the punch by three full days.

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