Updated Katrina Chronology of Incompetence

Think Progress has this updated timeline on Katrina and the criminally incompetent response by Bush and Co.

I particularily like the fact they include the dissembling by Brown, Bush, and the rest of the screwups. You can actually trace the course of fear as it grips the Bush administration followed by Rove's counterattack strategy of blaming; the looters, the local officials, the state officials, and even the people of NO rather than have the Feds accept responsibility.

The latest news from NO? Bush and his team are going to censor all media coverage. No more dead bodies on the evening news. No more Geraldo holding up crying children begging for help. The answer as always for Bush, ignore it, spin it, attack it and hopefully it will all just go away.

That's sure some President that you Americans elected. Envy of the world. Not.

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