Ronnie Franchise calls it a day

Along with that news, Vinnie Damphousse who (surprisingly to me) also looks to have hung them up.

Which leaves us with a quite a slew of retirements lately;

Scott Stevens
Al MacInnis
James Patrick
Ron Francis
Vincent Damphousse
Mark Messier

Some others who might have joined this list include; Turgeon, Yzerman, Shanahan, Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Leetch and Chelios.

The article also makes another cogent point. There are four slots for the HOF in any given year, and (including Igor Larionov) there are 5 guys who should get the nod (Messier, Stevens, MacInnis, Francis, Larionov). Who gets bumped? Larionov almost certainly.

Or...the league finds a way to bend the rules and get all 5 in at once.


Secret Agent Peter Bondra has signed with the Thrashers - and is officially the last remaining player of significance to sign with a team.

Perhaps more worrisome news, Mr. Kovalchouk makes noises about playing in Russia rather than accept the Thrashers RFA offer.

I also heard speculation that the Rangers are considering a play for Kovalchouk at the expense of the 5 1st rnd picks he would cost if successfully poached. The Rangers have the room to sign him, the need for a young talented superstar goalscorer, and a rotten track record with their own picks the last few years - it might even make sense to the Thrashers if Kovalchouk insists on playing hardball with the cap-strapped team.

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