Where they were when New Orleans went under

GWB - on the last legs of his 5 week vacation. When the levee's were breached and NO was flooded, Bush was doing a photo op playing a guitar with the presidential seal on it. He waited another two days before 'cutting his vacation short'.

Condi Rice - She too has been on vacation. While New Orleans drowned and began to cannibalize itself, she took in some theater, and even had her secret service agents remove some hecklers from the swanky store she was at so she could buy some new shoes in peace.

Karl Rove - went to Camp Casey! Not to visit Cindy Sheehan, but to pay his respects to the handful of Bush supporters who were protesting Cindy's vigil. I mean really, what's not to like about this guy?

Big Dick Cheney - You guessed it, on vacation. However, Big Dick isn't just 'away' from the office, at least one source is speculating that he is legitimately too ill (heart problems) to do anything.

So there you have it - at least part of the reason Bush's response has been so totally inadequate is that the three people who function as his brain are either; shopping, hanging with the wingnuts, or sitting at death's door. Hence, GWB goes into total brainlock without anyone around to do the thinking for him.

Meanwhile, rats are feeding on the corpse of the Big Easy.

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moriarty said...

the tragically hip sums up GWB's response, 'new orleans is sinking and i don't wanna swim...'