Something goes right in Utah!

Is the theocratic tide reaching it's peak and beginning to roll back? Utah, a state that I thought was extremely vulnerable to the pitch for Creationism being taught in schools, voted unanimously to reject it, despite intense pressure from state senator Chris Buttars-R (you just knew he'd be a Republican, didn't you?)

With Bill Frist trying to soften his image for a run at the Presidency, Bush in full retreat with the debacle over New Orleans rescue efforts an albatross around his presidency, Dobson increasingly unlikely to get another fire-breathing evangelist Supreme Court justice that he seeks (make no mistake though, Roberts will be another Thomas/Scalia - if not worse, when it comes to seperation of church issues - he's just way more slick than ole pubic-hair-in-the-coke Clarence), the rise of Jesusland may be temporarily (or more hopefully, permanently) abated.

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